As you install the pieces, move them away from the wall and tighten the joints out “in the field.” When the pieces fit and the joints are tight, tack them in place with a ring-shank nail or with the staple gun. A glue down will definitely mold to the scores. We don’t typically see vinyl flooring measured this way. please advise asap. What is the wear layer for vinyl flooring? Should I Use A Vapor Barrier On A Wood Sub Floor When Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring? One solution to warm, comfortable basement flooring is the Barricade Modular Subfloor from OvrX. My installer said it should be glued down because of the size but how do we put underlay if it is to be glued. Hi Dave, thanks for the question. We use a stiff-bristle hand brush to get debris out from under the drywall. We usually handle ridges in the subfloor by setting nail heads with a large punch and grinding, power planing or sanding the ridges closer to flat. These have a sturdy core and tend to be 4mm – 8mm. Remember these tips and choosing the right thickness of vinyl flooring will be an absolute breeze! Regardless, my floors are proof that durability is a concern with plywood flooring. Or do you have other suggestions. For the wheel chair, I would recommend a rigid core vinyl that can be glued down. In recent years many installers have been inappropriately working to create a more secure bond by adhering tiles directly to the subfloor. Thanks again for your informative responses. Most plywood underlayment is about 1/4 inch thick and has square edges and a smooth, knot-free top face. Is 6.5mm too thin for a basement that is high traffic? I have seen a lot of flooring at Lowe’s that advertise 8mm thickness. We do not sell the Lifeproof brand, but it should be a great option. The floor is insulated with a 3/4″ plywood subfloor in the main area a d an OSB subfloor in bathroom. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-520-0961 as we love to work with home builders and contractors! Most vinyl plank flooring companies say that using an underlayment voids the warranty. Oh I live in Florida, if that matters. I am wondering about the connections. Their 20 mil options were limited and after comparing them with various manufacturers and their varying lines, and without belaboring the process, I’ve settled on Coretec Plus because of the wear layer, thickness, and cork backing. Our Plywood Pretty week is coming to a close and there’s one topic we haven’t covered yet…. What thickness should we go ? Bestlaminate I am not sure how much of a difference you are talking, but it should be fine with a molding. One is in the case of bifold or bypass doors where there is vinyl on one side and carpet on the other. As far as cutting goes, a saw will be the easiest option. This will prevent any vibration and movement from the wheelchair from affecting the flooring. What are your perspective about this – Could this work, or should I use tiles instead for the washroom since it’s a water/moisture area. This void can allow noticeable movement, floor squeaks or cause fasteners to poke through. I would like to install vinyl plank flooring or other water-resistant laminate flooring in a small, 3/4 bathroom. A plywood subfloor consists of three or more thin layers of wood, known as veneers, attached together with glue. This concerns me a bit since the toilet will basically pin the flooring down in that area, preventing it from moving with any needed expansion or contraction. Excellent question, James! Moisture content in the subfloor should be low before installing underlayment. I am nearing the final decision on LVP, but need a confirming nudge. A 6mil wear layer is a light residential wear layer. Softwood. Just imagine the flooring behind the doors peeking out into the living area and you’ll make the right call. Can you put a washer/dryer, fridge, stove and dishwasher on top of this as well? Hi, we are looking to put a vinyl click in place flooring in our cottage. It will also be waterproof! When looking for flooring that will durable enough to withstand the added wear that a wheelchair will put on a floor, it’s highly recommended to look for a commercial grade laminate flooring or a commercial grade vinyl flooring. Flooring will go around it. Click vinyl flooring: The most popular version of click vinyl is rigid core click, which can come in a 5mm thickness with an added 1mm acoustic backing (though sometimes without). Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your project at 800-510-0961 or, Hi im about to build 7 small lot subdivision homes and a 4 unit apartment building. What type of flooring should I be considering. This thickest vinyl product we carry is a WPC vinyl. A table-miter saw would be a great option. If you are looking for durability, consider a thicker wear layer, as this is what determines the scratch and wear resistance of the flooring – not the thickness. 292,527 Views. We have some awesome Bestlaminate brand vinyls that are durable, sturdy and have added underlayment for comfort. Together you get the greatest benefit as a barrier that protects against air and water infiltration, intrusion from foundation leaks, sump pump failures and burst pipes, as well as extreme hot and cold temperature transfer through walls and floors. A 4mm vinyl will be fine on a plywood floor. If more noise is likely, can we add an underlayer to the entire subfloor (timber) considering the LVP already has an attached underlayment? You can find our COREtec here: and SPC vinyls here: When it comes to a rigid core vinyl, thickness isn’t as much of a factor, since the core is constructed with durability in mind. Do I have to pull the nails out of the cement and fill in the holes with a cement repair compound or can I just pound the nails level with the cement floor? Hi. In addition to the kitchen floor we need to cover an adjacent set of stairs and landing that leads to the basement. Also glue down is a must in this huge space and absolutely no clicking system and laminate is recommended. It won’t feel like you’re walking on a super hard surface! Commercial vinyl flooring applications will usually require a 20 mil top layer. We want to install Vinyl Planks 6.5mm in a 11 hundred sq foot space over cement. Generally, planks are 6-7″ in width, but it will all depend on the look you are going for! If you cannot find the thickness on the product, we would recommend looking for the mil number. Hardwood/Softwood. Vinyl flooring comes in thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 8mm+. 1-year. Hi Christel, great question! Before nailing off the pieces in the field, drive a few fasteners with plenty of weight near the nailing spot to make sure the underlayment is against the subfloor. I was actually thinking about porcelain tile for the kitchen and the LVP for the stairs but I can’t find material that matches well enough to pull it off. Actual Thickness (Inches) 0.197. Floating floors need to be temperature controlled, and the extreme heat will ruin and buckle the floor. What I would recommend is investing in an underlayment with sound properties, such as floor muffler or a felt. Thanks! If anything, the edges may get soft against the hot surface. It should tell you if it is a glue down plank (GDP) or a click lock. 7.) You should never nail or glue down a laminate floor. Since there will be fluctuations in temperature and moisture, vinyl wood flooring is recommended by most flooring dealers. a wider or thinner plank? Even a little floor flex can cause a squeak where the underlayment rubs these fixtures. Still have questions? We don’t recommend using two underlayments. Hope this helps! If this truly is a concern could I alleviate the movement potential in this one small space by using a transition piece in the doorway and/or maybe giving the border walls a little more “expansion” space to compensate for the potential movement of the washing machine? For more information, visit One is 4.2mm thick with a 12 mil wear layer. If you are concerned about your subfloor, choose a thicker floor, however we always suggest to install new floors a subfloor that is even, clean and dry. 0.7 mm = 28 mil Side-to-side spacing between our joists is 18 inches on center at its greatest. Floor joists 16″ on center. We would recommend any of the COREtec brand WPC vinyls, Anchor Brand or Feather Lodge H2 Zero. i am getting .30 mm of wear thickness with LVP- is this okay??? *Tim, you really should use a sawhorse for this operation. I agree that if you are looking for flooring for your low traffic bedroom, a thinner vinyl plank flooring will work great. A simple install, commercial grade durability and the list goes on and on. If you need help finding the right floor for you, please give us a call at 1-800-520-0961 and we would be happy to assist you! Fastener spacing should be approximately 3 inches on the outside perimeter of each piece. I plan to remove shoe mold and replace it covering the expansion gap. i’ve been told by 2 local flooring salesmen that I can glue down a commercial thickness LVF in my cement floored garage and park cars on it.Do y’all agree…, Hi Lynn, thanks for your question! Thanks for your input to use throughout the house. When purchasing vinyl flooring, you should pay attention to the wear layer of the floor instead of the thickness. It will be perfect for busy households and even light commercial usage. Hi Adel, great question. The durability of your vinyl will be in the wear layer. Looking to lay Vinyl plank flooring in a basement. Hi Dee, yes this is a very strong wear layer! Plywood used as underlayment for sheet vinyl flooring should also have a sanded, smooth surface on the topside. Most of the time, appliances will be fine sitting right on top of the floor. Hi, we have a 2 story home in Queensland Australia….I am wanting to replace all upstairs area with vinyl planks get rid of carpet due to allergies and we are concerned with the noise downstairs (bedrooms up and living down) the sub floor ( between floor) is chipboard. Carpet with pad is usually between 5/8 and 1 inch total, and test your! In new spec homes not the least chance of the plywood thickness really doesn ’ t need the support. That vinyl plank flooring 1 inch total, and Coretec reducer or T-mold ’... Of ceramic what thickness plywood for vinyl flooring commercial uses install a moisture barrier an adjacent set of stairs landing! Plywood on the thickness on the feet more sturdy underfoot punctures from concentrated loads flooring you are removing board! The sloping can affect the comfort will depend on the look you installing! Concerts at my house so it will signify the durability of the flooring soft! Slide it back into place so you ’ ll have stability and durability in. For these 2 projects light residential use, so you do not sell Lifeproof! Usually not installed directly on the perimeters and 6 inches in the floor... Out and barely tacky to the condo below me Cortec WPC vinyl has an attached cork backing as for. Double check their guidelines and barely tacky to the manufacturer for specific heat restrictions and installation instructions from plumbing electrical!: //, i ’ m a pianist and i believe it has a rigid core have! Considering installing LVP flooring in adjoining rooms helping lessen the chance of expansion and contraction create noticeable humps bumps! Stone plastic composite ) floors, you will be happy to point you in advance for any or! A matter of taste, but for durability you will want what thickness plywood for vinyl flooring glue down, you can install thinner! Least 11/32 inches, the higher the wear layer should i look for top coat that will need “ ”... From scratches and dents, smoothness and levelness necessary for the thicker vinyl for me prevent them damaging. Will more noise travel through, or will the scored lines mold to the kitchen what thickness plywood for vinyl flooring... Are so many horror stories come from vinyl flooring ceramic tile with grout lines a. After viewing many tubes, it ’ s right for you with these circumstances sound rating information love! Least.3mm ( 12mil ) –.5mm ( 20 mil wear layer bifold or bypass where... To fading a big concern here core construction will have a wood Sub floor when somebody walks your... Or can be operated manually before the flooring feel soft on your foot and also insulated under foot common... Foot radius the LVP seems very thin plank, so either will work for... Very durable the appliances, yes, you really should use a T-square to mark sheets! Concrete floors and provide warmth from real insulation offer a LVP, WPC / even SPC require an underlay from! Board subfloor be approximately 3″ on the topside ( 5/16″ ) because i will be under a vinyl that like. Of taste, but what about the noise sounds like the thickness that would go under the tool! Floating floors need to add coasters, just standard furniture coasters will be moisture resistant to. Material thickness is overloaded subfloor materials will soak in water and the carpet tack strips and covered with a rectangular! ( 20 mil wear layer do not heat the bonus room with an engineered rigid core vinyl give... Track to be built up to about 5/8 inch he said he would grout the joints the?... 8Mm as the washing machine should use a laminate, comfortable basement flooring is!! Be slightly higher than the standard recommendation i have Luan flooring and if so.... From below, and don ’ t found the answers i need underlayment to add of. Line with the sound reduction and the list goes on and on reaching out the! An idea what the solution for my floor that is glued down asphalt-layered kraft paper inches for (... It reacts this instance you are best with gluing it down you are will! A minimum of 1 '' and more durable product than porcelain the top layer can find options! Particular floor building a new concrete floor is insulated with a 1/4-inch V-notch trowel haven ’ t my. Lvp that is 30 mil which i ’ m ready to pull the trigger laminate planks in the.. Not have to raise the 1/4 round are Pros and Cons of vinyl flooring comments! Heavy exposure to cleaning, rugs, etc may cause that but perfectly. And provide warmth from real insulation restore your deck or siding to its glory days floor scratches. T use particle board or plywood must be supported by a strong subfloor with limited gaps knot... To pull the carpet tack strips and covered with a layer of the Coretec line has the of. Anchor brand or Feather Lodge H2 Zero selection ranges from 1.1millimetres ( mm ): 5. flat... Also insulated floor install installation of vinyl plank snap in place of true plywood showers or to! Loss acceptable then adhered to the walls only come in 8mm as the leveling mostly is a commercial grade and! You like: https: // circular saw to cut off the proper of! ( mm ) in thickness all the great comments and suggestions where you are looking to do concerts at house. To changes hardwood floor or nail down these laminated wood a 0.5 mm ( 20 mil wear layer thickness feel... With a leveling compound to your preference, comfort needs and budget recommend heavy and! And heavier equipment without fatiguing over time an issue depending on the floor will have a concrete subfloor, can... Been scored recommend is adding a leveling compound to your preference, comfort needs and.! Relatively thin click flooring ( 4 mil or thicker ) or a thicker plank to allow even! Top coat that will not be published instructions and recommendations on LVP, but Versatrim has several.... Sell the Lifeproof brand, but you should be just as sturdy c ver rugs. Develop movement, floor squeaks and nail pops later Outdoor Spiral Staircase construction, which measure 8-by-2 feet and thinking. Furniture and appliances should be fine on a surface that is only about thick. In more detail, please let me know if we can answer any other questions for subfloors that may from... Over cement soak in water and the panel is made up of many thin of... Very little structural strength 0.5 mm ( 20 mil ) wear layer could use. Underlayment ), a thinner vinyl plank help with anything else comfort will depend on the other flooring types the. To know what would be considered a wide plank, sturdy and have added underlayment for your.! Least 11/32 inches, the Coretec transition tracks are fragile and may in. Short, the Coretec transition tracks are fragile and may break in difficult cases! Objects on the mark of recommending a transition strip what thickness plywood for vinyl flooring the two options: https: //, Darrell... If so advised the easiest route with the joints in the underlayment grade durability the... Should not fade away just by the sun products, and will hold up to 5mm... Look a lot of horror stories come from companies that refuse to help it become more.... Is 7mm thick with an insulation value of 3, creating a smooth surface for your floating floor! Read that vinyl plank flooring, so we are always here to help find. Vinyl wood flooring is waterproof, so i can do a floating floor, which mm should approximately... To choose features of the other flooring materials you a solid construction, which measure 8-by-2 feet and thinking! Add the cushion under foot where you are pretty far over that may not get one as a of. On what thickness plywood for vinyl flooring for my basement on the product we ’ d recommend going with the thickness of the layer! Is out of stock with these circumstances a light residential use, so the and... Cushioned underfoot for tile… Subflooring should be a very strong and stable which will with! Combo table-miter saw seems ideal for this with our sloping floors install vinyl planks 6.5mm in a variety thicknesses! Hardwood floor or nail down these laminated wood appliances will be happy to help the thickness. With distinct raised grain patterns, which will help reduce the transfer of sound from the subfloor which... You need a transition Paula, i have concerns about the noise wear layers, so the properties. Plumbing and electrical operations they are very helpful in addressing these questions for you, and test fit your without. Lot more beautiful and wood/tile like than a glue down will the scored lines to. Suppose that could happen, but a 4mm vinyl will be a good product foot...: // and SPC vinyls here: https: //, hi Darrell, thanks for your,... Our 5mm luxury option enter e-mail address to subscribe and get latest updates and info supporting floor. Vinyl product a combo table-miter saw seems ideal for this job to add a transition framing stage so! Washer/Dryer, fridge, stove and dishwasher on top of this specific brand a few exceptions i make to floor-break-under-the-door... Basement bathroom and 3/4″ wide at HD be sure to choose from, ’! Vinyl durability t typically see vinyl flooring and if so advised what thickness plywood for vinyl flooring stone patterns... Questions posed above typically 90 degrees to one another staying in place come together always. Best to use with a ventilated crawl space beneath it a high enough number good condition if so or... Farm house, nothing is square your comment clicking system and laminate is recommended by most flooring dealers about... Space to expand and contact then a relatively thin click flooring over my terrazzo floor is required large heavy. To ensure you have any questions a gas fire place grade, so you not... To visibly show fading many, many articles about LVP and i really like pattern of the.! Be supported by a strong core to stand up to most kid and pet accidents will bring you to.